Brainstorming Personal Material for the College Application Essay

Common sentiment has it that the key challenge for biographers is that they start their writing projects with the need to find information—that is, they may have too little information about the person whose life they are . . . . MORE

Tell my story? Fine, but how?

The common advice to "tell your story" has probably been around as long as the admission essay itself. But since when have high school students been afforded the time and feedback to practice telling their stories? And how are you supposed to approach this advice? What parts of your story are you supposed to share in your college essay . . . .  MORE

How to Tell Your Story with Your Application Essay

(article written for College Xpress)


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Writing Resources for College Applicants

One small error in your college application essay isn't likely to sink your chances for admission, but a pattern of inattentiveness to the writing basics can become an issue. The college application essay is, after all, a writing sample. These are a handful on online resources I like to point students to. They can help . . . . MORE